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Go confidently in the

direction of your dreams.

Live the life you've imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

What we do at

Cobiant Capital

We leverage passive investing and the very best of personal agility to help those driven to make a positive change in their lives.

We partner with:

  • busy PROFESSIONALS that in their hearts are artists, creatives or entrepreneurs, but for some reason never took the chance

  • inspiring VISIONARIES with a calling to spend their time and energy to make the world a better place

  • fellow DREAMERS that somehow found themselves in a career that provided financial security, approval from others and perhaps even prestige, but it never filled the void

Our FREE eBookblog and podcast provide the education you need to:

  • clearly define your personal vision

  • implement proven practices that will help you maintain the laser focus required to reach your goals

  • invest alongside us in multifamily real estate so you can replace your current income with passive cash flow, while continuing to build for retirement

  • step away from your old career and into your new as an artist, creative or entrepreneur

Implement our personal agility framework and partner with us as a passive investor so you can become financially free, leave your unfulfilling job behind and begin to live your best life starting today.

You dreamed it, now let's make it happen...

What we do
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Life on YOUR Terms

FREE eBook

Implement proven principles that will help you shift your mindset so you can reach your goals sooner.

Become financially free by passively investing in multifamily real estate syndications (group investments); the best investment class on the planet.

You will learn how to:

  • implement personal agility and take steps NOW to build an intentional life

  • reach your goals faster by outputting twice as much in half the time

  • apply proven principles that will help you change your mindset to focus on what truly matters

  • generate passive income and build for retirement by investing alongside us in real estate

  • legally benefit from huge tax breaks while investing in real estate


At Cobiant Capital we help everyday people like you live the life of their dreams.

Are you ready to finally do what you were meant to do in this life?

Apply now to join the Cobiant Investor Network and start making your money work for you so you can begin to live your best life.

Personal Agility

How It Works



Define your vision and provide clarity for your future while directing your attention to the present. The decisions you make going forward, along with the time and effort you spend, will drive you to become the person you want to be.



With your priorities straight now, you spend time and effort more wisely. Your output begins to reflect what matters most to YOU. Experiencing positive results motivates you to embrace the process even more. Massive action is happening now.



Utilize proven tools that will help you visualize and manage your workflow. Create, refine and prioritize your backlog of goals and objectives that align with your vision. Focus your energy first, only on things that will help you to reach your goals quickly. No more "to-do" lists.



You are now ready to launch your new career, business or non-profit. If your passive investments are in play as well then you can step away from your old career and devote all of your time to your true passion. 

Passive Investing

How It Works


Join our FREE investor network; a community of people like you that are building wealth while pursuing their dreams.


Once you are a member we will connect to help you decide if passive investing is right for you.


We'll share passive investment opportunities with you. If you decide to invest, we'll guide you every step of the way.


After closing you will receive cash flow distributions and regular reporting. Schedule a call with us anytime if you have questions.

Download Our FREE eBook

"Life On YOUR Terms"

Busy professionals that feel you've missed your true calling as an artist, creative or entrepreneur...

it's your time! Learn how to leverage proven principles that can help you TODAY on your journey to a better life. Create passive cash flow, build for retirement and get amazing tax breaks by passively investing in multifamily real estate while pursuing your true purpose in life. 

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Ready To Make It Happen?

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams while building true wealth, retirement and financial security?

Apply today to join the Cobiant Investor Network and start making your money work for you so you can begin to live your best life.

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